Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the nose to reshape or improve it’s function. Rhinoplasty can enhance facial features by reducing the size, removing bumps, straightening the nose after injury and contouring the shape of the bridge of the nose to align with tip and alter the tip.

Patients with a deviated septum may have it corrected during surgery to improve their breathing.

Nights in hospital: 1

Duration of procedure: 3-5 reduction rhinoplasty/ 2-3 augmentation rhinoplasty and alarplasty

Recommended days in Phuket: 7-14 depending on procedure

Post op care: it is important to follow your surgeons post op instructions, including completing a course of antibiotics and taking all prescribed medications.

You may be required to wear a splint over your nose for the first2 weeks. This is to ensure the nasal bones are supported.

You will be required to avoid all strenuous activity and anything that will increase your heart rate for the following week. This is to minimize any unnecessary bleeding.

Ice may be applied to the nose, eye and cheek area. This will assist with swelling and any discomfort. Your surgeon will inform you when you can resume normal activities.