Labiaplasty- also known as labia reduction, is becoming an extremely popular procedure amongst women. Once a taboo topic, women are increasingly starting to open up and discuss such a sensitive topic.

Misshaped or enlarged labia are commonly due to childbirth or sexual intercourse without proper arousal, which can leave woman feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed and self-conscious.

After discussion with your surgeon about your procedure and expectations, you will be given either a general or local anaesthetic, the edges of the labia will be trimmed so that they no longer protrude, and the remaining edges sutured together.

Nights in hospital: day only procedure

Duration of procedure: 1-2 hours

Recommended stay in Phuket: 7-10 days

Post-operative care: it is important to follow your surgeons post operative recommendations.

It is common to feel some discomfort following this procedure. A panty liner may be necessary following surgery for up to two weeks while your sutures dissolve. Antibiotics may be prescribed to minimise your risk of infection and you may be required to have salt baths to assist with wound healing.

It is recommended you avoid strenuous activity and sexual activity for approximately 3 weeks and as recommended by your surgeon.