A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is the perfect solution for those horizontal wrinkle lines across your forehead, improving frown lines and lifting sagging brows that are hooding the upper eyelids.

Common procedures combined with a brow lift for a completely rejuvenated, youthful appearance include face lift or eyelid surgery.

During a brow lift, the eyebrows and underlying muscles are raised. The incision starts at ear level and continues across the top of the forehead, hidden by your hair line.

Duration of procedure: 2-3 hors

Nights in hospital: 1

Recommended stay in Phuket: 7-10

Post-operative care: it is important to follow your surgeons' post operative instructions. You may experience some pain and discomfort, however this will gradually ease and can be controlled with pain medication. You may also be discharged with antibiotics. Your dressing will be removed after 24hrs. all activities that may cause a rise in your blood pressure such as heavy lifting, bending, straining and jogging should be voided for the first month.