Areola or nipple reduction surgery are cosmetic procedures performed to decrease the size of the areola, nipple or both to make the breasts look more in proportion. Although there are no medical complications related to larger areola and nipples, self-esteem and body image can be greatly affected.

Overnight hospital admission is generally not required and you should be ok to continue with normal daily activities within 48hrs.

Nights in hospital: 0

Duration of procedure: 1-2hrs

Recommended days in Phuket: 7

Post op care:  it is important to follow your surgeons instructions following your procedure. You may be hypersensitive to touch, however this will subside within a few weeks.

You will be able to shower the following day, ensuring you dry the area well. Upon discharge you may be given an antibacterial ointment. A light dressing will be applied for the days following your procedure.